Jack and Jill: A Quick Read edition
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Jack and Jill: A Quick Read edition

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Discover a new way to read classics with Quick Read.
This Quick Read edition includes both the full text and a summary for each
\- Reading time of the complete text: about 9 hours
\- Reading time of the summarized text: 20 minutes

"Jack and Jill: A Village Story" is a children's book written by Louisa May
Alcott and published in 1880. The story takes place in a small New England
town after the Civil War. It revolves around the friendship between two
characters named Jack Minot and Janey Pecq, who are often seen together and
are nicknamed Jack and Jill. One winter day, they have a serious sledding
accident that leaves them seriously injured. Throughout their recovery, they
learn important life lessons with the help of their mothers and their many
friends. The story emphasizes the value of friendship and the resilience of
the human spirit. "Jack and Jill" is available as a public domain audiobook
and can be found on Project Gutenberg and LibriVox.
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